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An eyecatching façade in HIMACS for the LongLife headquarters in Milan

An eyecatching façade in HIMACS for the LongLife headquarters in Milan

LongLife, a leading company in the nutritional supplements sector, chose HIMACS for the extension of its headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan). The large white cube structure, designed entirely by architect Fernando Fantetti and clad with HIMACS Alpine White S028 panels, blends harmoniously with the existing building.

A large white cube in HIMACS has become a key feature of the headquarters of LongLife, a company that for more than 35 years has been passionately creating food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices to help people maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The extension project was designed by architect Fernando Fantetti, who enhanced the existing building with a cubic structure of outer cladding HIMACS panels in the iconic shade of Alpine White S028. The new building, which houses the reception area, conference room and president's office, has large windows on all four sides that allow natural light to enter, transforming the spaces within into pleasing light-filled spaces.

Part of the cube structure rests on three pillars, forming an outside vestibule in front of the main entrance, which is reached by a walkway across a pool. At the bottom of the cube, on one side, a large LED panel welcomes visitors to the premises with a projected mosaic of images showing raw materials from LongLife's extensive product range, while on the other, a narrow opening allows water to cascade down like a waterfall.  

HIMACS was the perfect choice for this project thanks to its extraordinary intrinsic properties: extreme resistance to weather and external conditions including humidity, UV radiation and temperature variations.

HIMACS can also be thermoformed, to create any three-dimensional shape desired, and is also very simple to maintain and clean due its uniform, non-porous surface, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

HIMACS is also the first Solid Surface material on the market to have received ETA certification (European Technical Approval) for exterior facade materials in its Alpine White S728 shade.

Location Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) - Italy
Architecture & Design Fernando Fantetti
Fabrication Andreoli Srl
Photo Credit © Chiara Cesana
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