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HIMACS brings colour and warmth to this modern Scandinavian-style kitchen

The character of the Scandinavian style – renowned for its balanced blend of aesthetics and functionality – has been captured beautifully in this home that was recently renovated by the architect Paul Noordijk. A home that radiates freshness, lightness and liveliness, and that challenges the neutral colour palette that characterises this decorative style.

Despite the predominance of whites and greys, touches of colour have been incorporated through different elements and accessories that give the rooms their own personality. It is a hallmark of this architect who considers that colour not only has a decorative function but is also an ideal tool for underlining what is used in terms of structure. 

From the intense yellow that embraces the staircase to the HIMACS Sky Blue, present in the kitchen, this home pulses with a colour combination as striking as it is groundbreaking, generating positivity and vitality. At the same time, its harmonious juxtaposition gives warmth without compromising the overall feeling of brightness and space provided by other elements such as the micro cement floor and its attractive French doors.

In accordance with the maxims of Scandinavian design, the main premise of this project was to create a welcoming and visually appealing home where comfort would play a key role. The remodelling of the ground floor was, undoubtedly, one of the great challenges to achieve this goal.

The most significant difference between the before and after is that now the kitchen is accessed via the passageway instead of through the living room. This change makes both rooms more accessible and gives individual purposes. A highlight of the transformation is the installation of a sink island around a pillar between the kitchen and dining areas.


Creative solutions with HIMACS

The kitchen – undisputedly the centrepiece – perfectly reflects the Scandinavian essence. The combination of this distinctive HIMACS Sky Blue with the smoked oak give it a unique identity, revitalising it and filling it with naturalness and freshness. The colour palette selected not only brings out its aesthetic uniqueness, but it creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that encourages sharing moments in this room that occupies the heart of the home.

The challenge of finding a material with an appealing and eye-catching colour that could be used both for the worktops and the fronts was resolved with the choice of this shade from the HIMACS Solids collection.

Besides its original aesthetics and characteristic resistance, the hygienic properties of the solid surface material provide an ideal work surface for food handling. The absence of pores and the seamless construction prevent bacteria or mould from lurking inside, facilitating quick and easy cleaning.

In addition, the thermoformable flexibility and versatility of HIMACS allowed the interior builder Michiel van den Brandhof, from Aimeubel, to turn his project into a reality thanks to implementing creative solutions. The versatility of HIMACS is shown in Michiel’s skill, in removing some of the material from the fronts, he was able to incorporate hidden hooks for kitchen towels without spoiling the streamlined look of the kitchen as a whole.


Optimisation of the space

Creativity also shines in other rooms where practical solutions were explored to redistribute the ground floor and optimise its surface area. An ingenious design in the hallway, which is usually quite narrow in these old houses, means they were able to make the best use of the available space. The ingenuity consisted of making a space in the dividing wall that connects the hallway to the living room to insert a storage unit that is a discreet wardrobe on one side and a versatile multifunctional TV cabinet on the other.

This renovation project clearly exemplifies how to successfully approach the comprehensive reconfiguration of a home with an outdated layout. In addition to optimising space, the incorporation of innovative elements that strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics provides a distinctive touch that enhances its identity and evokes the contemporary Scandinavian style.    

Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Architecture & Design Paul Noordijk
Material used HIMACS Solid Surface
Fabrication Aimeubel, Michiel van den Brandhof
Photo Credit Miranda Koopman
Other HIMACS supplier: Baars & Bloemhoff
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