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HIMACS featured in a fabulous, bright loft

Jordaan Loft: HIMACS featured in a fabulous, bright loft

In keeping with a classic, industrial style, the iconic Alpine White shade of HIMACS endows this home’s large kitchen island with a luminous prominence. Also used in the bathroom, LX Hausys’ solid surface material played an important role in the complete remodel of this loft in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

The owners were looking to convert this former factory, located in the Jordaan neighbourhood, one of the most famous and cosmopolitan parts of Amsterdam, into a home with airy spaces and a warm ambiance, that would make the most of the natural light it enjoyed thanks to the building’s orientation. With this in mind, the architectural firm Bureauwijker, working with building company H.Meijer BV and interior furniture specialists Houtwerk BV, transformed the old industrial facility into a spectacular and sophisticated home.

After an exhaustive design study and a special plan for lighting were completed, along with a selection of high-quality materials like HIMACS, the end result of the project was a spacious, bright single-storey loft, whose different areas are clearly demarcated, despite the fact that they flow into one another as part of the open plan design of the home.

The goal of the remodel was to create a home that fosters shared experiences and to convert the living rooms into a single sociable space. To do this, Bureauwijker decided to merge the dining area with the kitchen, creating a more practical and accessible zone. The firm retained some of the building’s original features, like its high ceilings and wide, arched windows, which contribute to the loft’s brightness and sense of space.

As a counterbalance to the shades of white and the classical style of the decor, warm lights placed in strategic spots and wooden flooring add a warmer, homier touch to the atmosphere in the kitchen / dining area, which also benefits from a choice of sophisticated retro-inspired furniture.

In the kitchen / dining area, a large island, made of spotless HIMACS Alpine White, is the clear star of the show, serving as a bridge between both spaces. Built around one of the home’s original columns, the properties of the solid surface enabled the installation of a large piece with delicate, elegant lines. To maximize the island’s storage capacity, extra storage space was added, both drawers and open shelving with a wood finish.

The kitchen island works as a gathering place for friends and family, although it is also the perfect place for food preparation. Thanks to its seamless, non-porous surface, LX Hausys’ HIMACS is extremely easy to clean and maintain, preventing the accumulation of grime and the potential spread of bacteria and turning the kitchen countertop into a safe and hygienic feature.

HIMACS Alpine White also features in the loft’s bathroom which is characterised by bright colours and the use of nature-inspired materials. Both the countertop and sink are made from HIMACS. Once again, its fulfilment of the strictest standards for hygiene and cleanliness, combined with its outstanding aesthetic finish, makes HIMACS the perfect material for a residential bathroom.

Location Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architecture & Design Jan Willem Wijker of Bureauwijker
Material used HIMACS S028 Alpine White
Fabrication Houtwerk BV and H.Meijer BV
Photo Credit © Ronald Smits
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