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HIMACS presents the European Architecture & Design Awards 2023

Recognising Excellence in Architectural and Design Creativity

The HIMACS European Architecture and Design Awards is open for entries for its 2023 edition. These awards are a recognition of architectural and design excellence and they showcase the remarkable collaboration between HIMACS, a solid surface material known for its versatility and elegance, skilled fabricators, and designers & architects across Europe, highlighting their creativity and innovative spirit.
HIMACS celebrate with these awards the diversity and creativity that enrich the European design landscape to reward and recognise the enduring spirit of innovation in the field of architecture and design, driving the industry forward with each passing year.

HIMACS Interior Design Innovation
Celebrating interior design projects that showcase the versatility and aesthetic appeal of HIMACS solid surface in indoor spaces.

HIMACS Commercial Design Excellence
Acclaiming outstanding design and functionality in commercial spaces achieved through the use of HIMACS.

HIMACS Exterior and Facade Excellence
Celebrating the exceptional achievements in designing outdoor spaces and building facades using HIMACS materials, highlighting innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

HIMACS Furniture and Product Design Innovation
Recognising the creativity and craftsmanship in the design of furniture and products, highlighting the remarkable use of HIMACS materials in functional and appealing designs.

For this special occasion, the award trophies will be designed and crafted by Berlin-based artist Lena Marie Emrich, and will serve as a symbol of innovation and our collaborative commitment to exceptional design. These trophies embody the grace of creativity and our shared desire to explore fresh and inspiring artistic expressions, celebrating accomplishments in architecture, design, and the realm of art.
Each trophy, crafted from HIMACS solid surface, is not merely an emblem of the highest standards of design and craftsmanship but also a representation of the durability and beauty of this exceptional material.

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards project submission deadline is January 15, 2024. 

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 promise to be a splendid showcase of architectural and design excellence, underlining the vibrant synergy between HIMACS and European design visionaries. Stay tuned as we embark on this remarkable journey of creativity, innovation and inspiration.

For more information, please visit the HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 website.

Material used HIMACS Solid Surface
Photo Credit LX Hausys
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