What Is the Standard Depth of Countertops?

When it comes to kitchen and bath design, countertops are often the center of attention. Countertops define the design story and serve as the hub for most activities, making selecting attractive and functional countertops a top priority for any design project. To select the best…


Office Interior Design Styles

Office Interior Design Trend Outlook – Flexible Office According to a recent survey, the proportion of global corporations willing to use flexible office space as part of their operations has pointed up to 63.6%. This implies the shift in the traditional office trends in which…


Office Interior Design Styles for Slo Table

HIMACS Solid Surface Material, a Perfect Solution for Office Interior Designs It was the time when professors Jim Doerfler and Mark Cabrinha, co-directors of Cal Poly’s Digital Fabrication Lab reached out to Gensler L.A. design director Shawn Gehle to create a fully-virtualized studio office design…


Landmark Buildings Interior Design Styles

HIMACS Solid Surface Material – Popular Interior Design Styles of Landmark Buildings · Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower made by HIMACS solid surface material Outstanding Workability of HIMACS has been recognized by the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Symbol of Shanghai. LX Hausys’ Natural Acrylic Stone, HIMACS…


Best Countertop Materials for the Bathroom

Countertops are a popular way to update and customize a bathroom space, whether residential or commercial. The countertop options are nearly endless, and with so many materials, patterns, and colors available, you may need guidance to know where to begin your purchasing. This article will…