Hotel Room Design Ideas

Post-COVID Hospitality Industry Trend and its Impact on Hotel Interior Designs COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector. Travel restriction and lockdown caused a chain reaction of plunging demand on service industries such as hotel, aviation and travel. As the world is…


Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Features & Advantages of Porcelain Kitchen Sinks A new generation material with a mineral look: HIMACS solid surface, in the Volcanics finish, was used for the spectacular countertop at “Attimi,” the new casual dining restaurant from Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck in Milan’s CityLife district. A…


Reception Decor Design Suggestions

HIMACS Solid Surface, the Most Suitable Material to Meet Unique Reception Design Needs A recent survey showed that the proportion of the customers who will continue using offline stores – despite the adverse effect of the pandemic – was 50% to 70%. This implies that…


Reception Decor Ideas – NICU Reception

The healthcare market is facing substantial changes as demand for medical and care services increases with global economic growth. Aging societies, improvement of patient experience, and the effects of COVID-19 outbreak all require many changes in the design of healthcare spaces. In particular, a safe…


What Is the Standard Depth of Countertops?

When it comes to kitchen and bath design, countertops are often the center of attention. Countertops define the design story and serve as the hub for most activities, making selecting attractive and functional countertops a top priority for any design project. To select the best…


Office Interior Design Styles

Office Interior Design Trend Outlook – Flexible Office According to a recent survey, the proportion of global corporations willing to use flexible office space as part of their operations has pointed up to 63.6%. This implies the shift in the traditional office trends in which…