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Annas Homes: Townhouse project for pediatric oncology families The mission of the Spokane, Washington-based Anna Schindler Foundation is to provide temporary homes for pediatric oncology families near Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane. Childhood cancer affects many families in the U.S., with an estimated 15,780…


Is quartz the best countertop?

Ideal countertops for the diverse applications Quartz countertops pair modern design with high performance, making quartz the ideal choice for commercial and residential projects. Quartz counters and worktops are incredibly durable and come in various styles and colors. Functionality meets design Unlike granite, marble, and…


Is LG a good quartz?

Viatera quartz by LX Hausys Are you looking for an LG Viatera review? LG is now LX Hausys. LX Hausys, formerly LG Hausys, is an innovative manufacturer of building and decorative materials, including outstanding quartz countertops, worktops, and vanities. Viatera quartz by LX Hausys includes…


Is quartz a good vanity top?

Quartz vanity tops Vanity tops made from quartz provide numerous advantages for residential and commercial bathrooms, including a low water absorption rate. Features and benefits Viatera is an engineered countertop material composed of quartz and resin, highly durable, easy to maintain and less expensive than…


Is quartzite cheaper than granite?

Quartz vs Granite When it comes to quartz countertop costs, quartz usually costs less than granite. Exact prices vary based on the size of the slab, design, and project. Quartz and Granite cost Granite is usually more expensive per square foot installed. Granite is rare…