Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Devol

Kitchen Countertops Ideas – Air Kitchen Designed by deVOL, constructed with HIMACS solid surface The Kitchen Interior designers at deVOL are inspired by the most innovative and timeless icons of the twentieth century. Thanks to the combination of classic materials and craftsmanship techniques with HIMACS…


Kitchen Countertop Ideas – The Penthouse

Timeless and Sophisticated Island Remodeling Kitchen Design made in HIMACS Solid Surface This timeless and sophisticated penthouse is located in the historic harbor area of Antwerp – Het Eilandje. The owner uses the spacious house not only as a residence, but also for his business….


Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Maru Kitchen

Functional and Seamless Maru Kitchen Design by HIMACS Solid Surface Material Interior design of kitchen is part of the “maru” design range. A furniture range that reflects the Japanese meaning of the word; that is “circle” or “completeness”. Based on the geometry of the circle,…


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Kelley Nan

Lopez’s Kitchen remodeling project In addition to implementing countertop upgrades, adding light to the space was important. The kitchen lacks windows, and, as a result gets limited sunlight, making it dark most of the time. This, along with the grey-beige paint covering the walls and…