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The dream design for a charming HIMACS open-plan kitchen in southern Italy

The dream design for a charming HIMACS open-plan kitchen in southern Italy

An eye-catching open plan kitchen, designed by Pirkelmann + Schmidt from Munich, for this spectacular home in Southern Italy has been enriched by the use of HIMACS throughout. In a daring move away from typical base units with wooden or painted fronts, this kitchen consists of HIMACS fronts, with matching worktop and integrated sink, giving a wonderful feeling of calm and spaciousness, further enhanced by the lack of wall units meaning the space is open and inviting.

Situated in the region of Apuglia in southern Italy, the heel of Italy’s “boot”, is a newly built holiday home that is modern and yet exudes historical charm. Limestone walls, light, natural stone floors and high domed ceilings are the hallmarks of traditional Italian construction. The best example of this is the open-plan kitchen with views out to the expansive garden. It is an elegant dialogue of form and design that comes to life with minimal interior touches. The design of the space is clean and modern with an abundance of Italian charm. Nestled directly within the open-plan space, the finely crafted kitchen, with all visible surfaces made from HIMACS, is a perfectly fitted jewel that radiates harmony in the interplay with rustic limestone and natural stone elements. “It’s a kitchen that has much to offer, and yet it is impressively minimalist and still high-quality in its design,” Sebastian Schmidt, carpenter, wood technician and planner in charge of the project, explains. 

A typical kitchen has cabinets below and above the counter, tall cupboards and cladding panels: lots of individual elements brought together to form one uniform kitchen. It is a dependable, functional assembly. A perfect unit forms the “Essenz” kitchen, designed drafted and completed by the renowned kitchen manufacturer Pirkelmann + Schmidt from Munich, takes this predictable ensemble and turns it on its head. The reserved elegance in white underscores the special qualities of the material and the finely crafted details. Fully in line with the motto “Substance over style”, the fundamental elegance of the design is grounded in the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of its materials and execution.

To communicate the desired lifestyle and therefore connect the design with the practicality of everyday kitchen use, the Munich-based experts consider the choice of material as a top priority for any kitchen. In this case, all visible surfaces were crafted from the solid surface HIMACS in clear, matt Alpine White colour. “The high-tech mix of minerals, acrylic and natural pigments is especially suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms,” asserts the planner.

Many small details, like the flush-mounted gas cooker or the seamlessly integrated sink with its designer copper tap, can be executed with intricate attention thanks to the versatility of the material and how it can be worked. This further development of the “Essenz” kitchen line by Pirkelmann + Schmidt features other pleasing qualities. For example, the worktop sits back from the edges at a distance equal to the thickness of the fronts. As a result, the transition from the front to the worktop and from the block side to the worktop was executed in the same design. It is a finely crafted detail that enhances the special harmony of this kitchen.

Enhanced design, elevated by the details

The inner core of the cabinetry consists of plywood, clad with 12 mm HIMACS. The integrated dishwasher needed double the solid surface material, including balancers to optimise the weight distribution. It took the team four days to install. The individual partial elements were completed in the workshop and the HIMACS shells were mounted onto the frame on site, joined together, glued and then finally all elements were polished once again. The result: fronts, trims, base, sink and worktop all from one material, in one piece, transforming the kitchen into a continuous, puristic unit with uniform radiance.

Due to its flexibility and special characteristics, HIMACS is ideal for kitchens. HIMACS is incredibly hygienic and resistant to wear and tear, scratches, stains and UV rays. Moreover, its non-porous surface makes the material completely waterproof and extremely quick and easy to clean. The thermoformable properties of HIMACS also allow it to be moulded into any shape and size, making it the perfect material for creating worksurfaces with integrated sinks as well as unit fronts. The absence of visible seams ensures a smooth, seamless look that prevents dirt, bacteria and viruses building up on the surface. This makes HIMACS a Solid Surface material with unbeatable hygienic properties, perfect for the kitchen.

Location Ostuni, Italy
Architecture & Design Pirkelmann + Schmidt, Munich
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Pirkelmann + Schmidt, Munich
Photo Credit Pirkelmann + Schmidt
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