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HIMACS: AR-TRE's Progetto Sistema

AR-TRE's Progetto Sistema: the fluid and resilient kitchen in HIMACS

Practical for those who use it, familiar, comfortable and warm for those who are seated at it, Progetto Sistema is the AR-TRE kitchen with organic and essential forms, created in collaboration with HIMACS, the New Generation Acrylic Stone.

The modules that make up this elegant metropolitan kitchen are curved, shapely, plush and spacious, lacquered in twenty possible colour variants and with 23mm ultra-light but extremely durable doors.


Introduced more than ten years ago, Progetto Sistema was relaunched at the Eurocucina 2014 trade fair in a design by architect Lorenza Polesello. It features a HIMACS top in the Alpine White colour, which gives it a sense of lightness to the eye and a sensational effect of purity and of order.

Thanks to the thermoformability of HIMACS, a quality that makes it the construction material with the greatest creative flexibility on the market, a curved and fluid worktop has been created that draws free inspiration from the shape of gull wings, seamlessly enveloping and bringing the work surface, cooker and bar together in a single module.

A special post-production processing technique ensures that HIMACS does not show visible joins, an aspect that accentuates to the maximum the sense of evenness and uniformity of the kitchen worktop.

HIMACS, which for this project has been fabricated by Union, is resistant to stains, chemical agents, mould, impacts and heat, making the Progetto Sistema worktop durable and extremely hygienic, perfect for serving as the focal point of family activities in complete safety.

Progetto Sistema is a creative kitchen of recognisable design, wowing visitors as soon as they see it.

Location Milan Design Week
Architecture & Design AR-TRE
Material used HIMACS
Fabrication Union
Photo Credit Tiziana Arici
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