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HIMACS: Elegance and Minimalism: A Loft in Belgium

Timeless and sophisticated design Penthouse in Antwerp, made with HIMACS

This timeless and sophisticated penthouse is located in the historic harbour area of Antwerp - Het Eilandje. The owner uses the spacious house not only as a residence, but also for his business. The classy and timeless interior exudes charm and elegance and is finished with the highest quality materials: natural Oak wood and HIMACS Solid Surface.

Since the loft has an unconventional layout with a curved façade, the challenge was to make a fluid transition between kitchen and dining room for the designer Joke Holvoet from Elft bvba. The entire apartment is flooded with natural light, which is emphasised by the choice of light colours for the furniture .

The highlight of this contemporary house is undoubtedly the sleekly designed kitchen, and the extensive use of HIMACS in all areas, a specific request from the owner who wanted to achieve an eye-catcher and innovative design. It was a challenge to integrate the living room, dining room and kitchen in a natural way creating a big and spacious open space. The asymmetrical shape of the kitchen island works as a perfect transition and link between those areas.

Eye-catching kitchen

The island seems to float around the glass base and working with a bevelled-shaped surface nicely solves the transition to the lower dining area. The entire kitchen, as well as the TV-cabinet, is in HIMACS Solid Surface. Thanks to HIMACS properties, every join is seamless, allowing the kitchen to have a monolithic shape. The column cabinets are completed with dark Oak wood. 

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The island had to be fabricated in two pieces, to be able to transport it, since the apartment is situated on the 5th floor. The parts are then joined, being glued and sanded on-site. The left part of the tv-cabinet acts as the bottom part of the floating staircase. The HIMACS was polished to achieve a satin finishing.

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The bathroom looks very futuristic and full of light thanks to the combination of materials and lighting. The Furniture with integrated RGB LED lighting and walls are made from HIMACS Alpine White, flooring is from HIMACS Cima. The ceiling is made of a translucent stretch ceiling with TL lighting, to create an illusion of daylight. 

Location Antwerp, Belgium
Architecture & Design Joke Holvoet, for Elft bvba
Material used HIMACS Alpine White, Cima
Fabrication Elft bvba
Photo Credit Frederik Vercruysse
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