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HIMACS helps to gain sustainable building credits

HIMACS helps to gain sustainable building credits

Green building products are becoming increasingly important throughout the world. As a result there is a growing demand for sustainable products from architects, specifiers and builders. The sustainability sector is developing dramatically in the building industry, and legal requirements for eco-friendly materials are becoming stricter and more complex. There are also a number of certification systems operating in the world.

To help architects, planners and construction firms to access clear information about HIMACS product compliance and how it can contribute to such credits, LX Hausys has released several HIMACS Product Verification documents, which provide an evaluation according to the leading building certification systems: BREEAM, LEED and DGBN. HIMACS can help professionals to obtain credits for Green Building Certification projects.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction, to in-use and refurbishment.

HIMACS can contribute to BREEAM International New Construction 2016 certification, as the entire product complies with Hea 02 Indoor air quality. Furthermore, HIMACS achieved RSCS summary score level in Mat 03, responsible sourcing of construction products for the entire product: RSCS level 1.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Is a standard voluntary system to certify high performance of buildings, from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certifies buildings using a credit system. The use of HIMACS contributes toward satisfying EQ Credit for Low-Emitting Materials with the category Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ).

HIMACS can contribute to:

  • MR BPDO - Environmental Product Declaration - Option 1: Environmental Product Declaration.
  • MR BPDO - Sourcing of Raw Materials - Option 1: Raw Material Source and Extraction Reporting
  • MR BPDO - Material Ingredients - Option 2: Material Ingredient Optimization
  • MR BPDO - Material Ingredients - Option 3: Supply Chain Optimization
  • EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials


The DGNB system, founded by the "German Sustainable Building Council”, evaluates buildings holistically on the basis of individual criteria within the categories Ecological Quality, Economic Quality, Sociocultural and Functional Quality, Technical Quality, Process Quality and Location Quality. Different profiles allow the certification of new buildings and existing buildings, as well as of quarters in Germany and Internationally. Buildings can achieve a certification in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

HIMACS has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which can be used to calculate the building life cycle assessment (ENV1.1/2.1). Furthermore, HIMACS has achieved Quality Level 4 of 4 in DGNB 2018 criteria for local environmental impact for the entire product.

For more detailed information and to obtain the Product Verification for your project, please contact your local HIMACS representative.


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