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“Le Baou”: A contemporary island in HIMACS

“Le Baou”: A contemporary island in HIMACS inspired by the jagged lines of a rock

The centrepiece of this kitchen is the island called “Le Baou”, a Provençal word meaning “rock”. This HIMACS Crystal Beige monolith appears to have been carved from a single block and contrasts with the wooden wall in the background. It discreetly houses the induction hob, dishwasher and sink while the rest of the appliances are hidden in the different cupboards to the back.

In order to enhance the overall sophisticated appearance of the island and avoid handles, electric drawers were designed for optimum comfort.

Making the island required great precision and extensive technical skills given that each side is tilted. Each board had to be cut at an angle so that all sides fit together perfectly. The exceptional properties of HIMACS have contributed significantly to this creation. Designer Charlotte Raynaud, based in Aix-en-Provence, enthuses that “HIMACS is a material that gives great freedom in terms of shape, and opens up many creative possibilities that other materials do not.”

Architecture & Design Charlotte Raynaud
Material used HIMACS Crystal Beige
Fabrication Felix Hegenbart SARL
Photo Credit © Denis Dalmasso
Other Distributor : Mobistrat
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