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The luxury of HIMACS Evergreen floods the new Banema concept store

The luxury of HIMACS Evergreen floods the new Banema concept store

As if diving deep into the depths of the sea, Banema’s new showroom and commercial space in Lisbon opens its doors with a truly creative and inspiring design idea. The HIMACS Evergreen colour provides the establishment with an enveloping atmosphere where natural wooden furniture comes together with industrial-style decoration and inspirational designer goods.

Banema Studio, designed as a space that unites excellence in design, has opened in the Campo de Ourique neighbourhood of Lisbon. With a welcoming ambience, it presents itself through objects that link the balance of the forms with the fineness of the materials. In this new concept store from the company Banema, the HIMACS distributor in Portugal, all the pieces and furnishings that compose it are profoundly beautiful, able to transform spaces and evoke unique sensations.

The architecture studio Campos Costa Arquitetos was responsible for designing the striking furniture module made from HIMACS. ‘The aim was to create a space with rhythm that’s full of life, and above all where the feeling of comfort extends into several different and more intimate environments,’ explains the head architect Pedro Campos Costa. The establishment is in the retail sector and was initially designed to combine the concept of a materials showroom with a designer shop. The result is thus a unique space offering a wide range of activities and materials, as well as products, from different companies and with different characteristics. 

A serpentine module as the focal point of the space

All the areas in the establishment are organised around a module in the Evergreen shade of HIMACS acrylic stone, whose lines and curved motifs slide along the entire length of the premises. This striking layout provides several areas that are clearly differentiated from one another and that can be used as meeting spaces or mini showrooms. The sides of the module make use of the entire length of the shop, allowing an optimal organisation and arrangement of large displays.

The large circular entrances are combined with furnishings designed with linear motifs, emulating the image of a large grid. It is all finished in an intense petrol blue colour and achieves the curvaceous ambiance thanks to the excellent thermoformable properties of HIMACS. This acrylic stone excels over other materials due to its thermoplastic capabilities that enable it to be moulded into any shape without compromising the richness of the selected colour. 

Evergreen, the colour used in this project, belongs to the Solid range, part of the HIMACS Velvet Colours collection. The other colours in this range are inspired by the beauty of nature, and their pigment quality results in deep tones capable of imbuing any project with strength and personality.

In addition to the aesthetic and thermoformable characteristics of HIMACS, this acrylic stone is ideal for decoration and interior design in the retail sector, as its non-porous, seamless surface prevents the build-up of dirt and bacteria. The uniform nature of the material also makes it easy to clean and maintain, thus making it aesthetically and functionally resistant over long periods.

Location Rua Coelho da Rocha, 27 C 1250-087 - Lisbon, Portugal
Architecture & Design Campos Costa Arquitetos
Material used HIMACS Evergreen S119
Photo Credit Francisco Nogueira
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