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HIMACS: CHROMA - Design and Comfort in Perfect Harmony

CHROMA - Design and Comfort in Perfect Harmony

Designed by Marco Hemmerling, CHROMA represents a perfect harmony between design and comfort. With its elegantly rounded forms, this is a sophisticated chair that embraces the originality resulting from the symmetry between the perforated back and the two legs. To create this amazing design, HIMACS became the ideal material thanks to its thermoformability, seamless joints and strong durability.

In CHROMA, the beauty of HIMACS contrasts with the felt seat that gives it a unique touch. Easy to personalise, it is possible to choose both the color of the acrylic stone – available in multiple shades – as well as the felt, to achieve a singular, exclusive chair that can be adapted to the taste of each consumer. There is also the option of using the same design and production process in a wide range of products, such as stools, tables, benches, etc.

In addition to its innovative aesthetics, this piece of furniture also stands out due to its functionality: it is stackable, very stable, and perfect for use both inside and outside the home. CHROMA’s reasonable price also puts it within reach of most budgets.

Architecture & Design Marco Hemmerling
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Photo Credit Dirk Schelpmeier
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