LX Hausys Viatera Aria Quartz Countertop for Serenbe Community Bathroom remodeling project
LX Hausys VIATERA Aria Quartz Countertop for Serenbe Community Bathroom remodeling project

VIATERA quartz countertop for designing green homes

VIATERA countertops fit right in as part of a home design showcase outside Atlanta. Serenbe is a community dedicated to preserving the environment. The first house was built in 2004 on rural land on the outskirts of Atlanta. Today, the community’s 400 homes are designed to connect residents with nature and the arts.

Developers do more than just set aside green space: the community’s philosophy of celebrating and preserving nature is reflected in how it is designed. Everything ties into it, from the location of the houses and the materials used to build them, to the blueberry bushes planted along walkways and the on-site farmers market. VIATERA Quartz Surface countertops align perfectly with the ideals of Serenbe and were on full display during the community’s showcase.

VIATERA Quartz – Environmentally sustainable materials

For the home design showcase, 12 interior designers worked their magic and produced a fully decorated home, which is open to the community for tours. Visitors are offered a glimpse of the stylish home and the integrated community; designers get to show off their work over two floors of the house. Money raised during the tours supports Ant Farm, a 43-acre artists’ complex that is part of Serenbe.

The showcase was first held in 2014 and was successful enough to be repeated in 2015 and 2016.

Several rooms with VIATERA quartz countertops were part of the showcase home, including the laundry room, bathrooms and butler’s pantry. Because the community puts such an emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices, it makes sense to include materials from VIATERA.

Certifications of Viatera quartz surface
Certifications of VIATERA quartz surface

VIATERA quartz countertops meet the high environmental standards

The countertops have several qualifications that make them the perfect fit for an environmentally-conscious community like Serenbe.

· VIATERA quartz countertops are:

– Made from a low-volatile organic compound-emitting material

– GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality-certified

– Children and School-certified

– Nonporous and waterproof, which helps to stop mold, mildew and bacteria before growth begins

– Easy to clean

– Resistant to scratches, stains and spills

– Able to withstand temperatures up to 360 degrees for a short period without losing their luster

– Rated the highest for food contact with foods of all types

The high quality of the materials is matched only by VIATERA’s subtle quartz colors and classic look, which were highlighted by several designs in the showcase home. These important qualities make the materials a perfect fit for the developer’s high standards at Serenbe.

Declare Labels for LX Hausys Viatera Quartz surface
Declare labels for VIATERA Quartz surface issued by International Living Future Institute (ILFI)

Ongoing efforts for healthy materials – VIATERA quartz surface achieved Declare label status

The entire portfolio of VIATERA Quartz surface products has achieved label status. Issued by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Declare labels provide an important level of transparency by disclosing all product ingredients, enabling customers to see the “nutritional” information of a product in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

Declare label can significantly decrease the time and cost architects and designers spend vetting products, while also ensuring their projects meet health and sustainability requirements. In addition to showing the product’s ingredients, the Declare label also provides the product’s life expectancy, its embodied carbon and end-of-life options, and whether it is compliant with IFLI’s Living Building Challenge, a program for responsible product sourcing and healthy interior performance.

Architects, designers and other customers can view and download the Declare labels.

Read full news articles about Declare label achievement of LX Hausys for Its HIMACS and VIATERA Surface Brands.

VIATERA Aria quartz countertops and vanities in bathroom and laundry room

The butler’s pantry countertop is in the color Aria, an alabaster and eggshell backdrop with black marbling throughout. The pantry’s countertop color repeats in the adjoining laundry room, connecting the two areas.

The neutral countertop accommodates both the brilliant white cabinets in the pantry and darker beige paint in the laundry room. The pantry gets a splash of color from the dishes and items stored on the shelves, and from a bright window treatment. The laundry room’s geometric wallpaper provides texture.

The Aria color returns in the bench for the shower. Its black marbling complements the triangular tile on the walls. The single bathroom sink makes use of a neutral countertop in the color Minuet, an alabaster with gray marbling. It pops against the dark beige bead board and chair rail wall treatment, which offsets whimsical, fish-patterned wallpaper.

· VIATERA Aria quartz from Musica Collection

Viatera Aria quartz from Musica Collection

Alabaster and creamy eggshell make the perfect backdrop for intricate black marbling. Much like an aria in a Baroque Opera, this pattern doesn’t just repeat itself, it grows more complex and rich with each swirl.

Check out VIATERA Aria color from Musica Collection.

VIATERA Minuet for master bathroom quartz countertops

Minuet countertops return in the master closet and for the double sink in the understated master bathroom. The countertop’s gray marbling echoes the dark frames on the mirrors above the sink, which are offset by single wall-mounted lamps.

· VIATERA Minuet quartz from Musica Collection

Viatera Minuet quartz from Musica Collection

Alabaster with gray marbling gives a rich and luxurious feel. The perfect harmony of colors is reminiscent of the marriage of notes in a minuet.

Check out VIATERA Minuet quartz surface from Musica Collection.

LX Hausys Viatera Quartz Collections
LX Hausys VIATERA Quartz Collections – Calacatta, Masterpiece, Musica, Urban, Classic

Why LX Hausys VIATERA is the Perfect Choice ?

Surface materials used in residential spaces must possess not only functional elements but also aesthetic competitiveness.

LX Hausys’ VIATERA quartz combines the beauty of natural stone with the outstanding functional elements of quartz by raising the composition of natural materials to a high level.

  • Indoor Air Quality

The air quality at home, where the family members spend most of the time together, greatly impacts their health. VIATERA is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified through rigorous screening and aids in purifying air quality.

  • Eco-friendly Certification

The importance of and the efforts to minimize environmental damage are increasing. VIATERA is at the forefront of environmental protection by securing a variety of eco-friendly certifications, including the National Sanitation Foundation, a US-based sanitary standards organization.

  • Nature-friendly Design

VIATERA, which has significantly increased the composition of natural materials, embodies a luxurious nature-friendly atmosphere through technology that reproduces the textures and patterns found only in natural stones and instills the theme of nature into the space design.

  • Durability

Using up to 93% of quartz, one of the hardest minerals on the planet, VIATERA is a manufactured quartz product that offers a superior harness level for the most durable countertops.

  • Pollution resistance

Home is where our family stays the longest, and it is essential to keep our home’s hygiene as the top priority. VIATERA hardly discolors by chemical reactions and pollutants.

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