VIATERA Cotton White Quartz Kitchen Countertop
VIATERA Cotton White Quartz Kitchen Countertop

What are the most popular colors for quartz countertops? Let’s find out. This article will explore 12 of the most popular Viatera quartz colors and styles from LX Hausys.

Quartz is the highest-rated and most popular kitchen countertop material. With its incredible durability, hygienic properties, and resistance to moisture, stains, chips, and scratches, it’s no wonder many designers, builders, and homeowners choose quartz. Kitchen countertops are an investment, so choosing a color and countertop that complements your design and stands the test of time is important. This quartz color guide will share some of the most popular Viatera quartz colors and patterns to help bring your dream kitchen to life.

Top Viatera Quartz Colors & Patterns

While quartz comes in various colors, including products that closely resemble natural stone, the most popular colors are white and gray. However, Viatera quartz by LX Hausys comes in a wide array of colors, including  white, gray, cream, beige, blue, brown, and black. Let’s explore the top 12 Viatera quartz products and how they can enhance specific design styles.

The Most Popular Viatera Quartz Colors
The Most Popular Viatera Quartz Colors

1. Calacatta Sol White Quartz

Calacatta Sol white quartz is ideal for a light and bright interior. The white background infuses surroundings with brightness, while the gold veining and large-patterned swirls add a luxurious warm glow. Inspired by high-end Calacatta marble, this Viatera quartz provides all the opulence of natural stone in an easy-to-care-for stain-resistant and non-porous/hygienic surface. Unlike natural marble, you’ll never have to seal these countertops or worry about mold, bacteria, and moisture seeping below the surface. Calacatta Sol’s classic appeal means this product won’t go out of style any time soon.

2. Calacatta Plata White Quartz

Calacatta Plata is another popular Viatera quartz product. If you’re looking for an alluring white surface that pairs well with silver, stainless steel, nickel, and chrome faucets and fixtures, then you’ll want to look at Calacatta Plata. The widely-spaced silver veins add visual interest to a pristine white surface, while the thin, minimal veining creates just enough contrast to be timeless. This product angles for attention without overpowering other design elements, and it’s equally at home in a modern, minimalist design or a traditional farmhouse.

3. Cotton White Quartz

The possibilities are endless with Cotton White quartz. Like a blank canvas awaiting your vision, Cotton White is Viatera’s quintessential white countertop. Whether standing alone as a bright, inviting surface or blending with other colors to create a stunning contrast, Cotton White is essential for many projects and is a great way to future-proof your design.

4. Calacatta Verde White Quartz

Green kitchens are having a moment. From deep evergreens to avocado and smoky moss hues, green hues ground a space and add a dash of freshness. If you love the natural and soothing look of green, Calacatta Verde white quartz is a great option. Embracing the peace and beauty of a verdant forest, Calacatta Verde’s thin deep green and grayish-green veins play across the clean white base adding subtle depth that’s ideal for many design styles. Green is one of several kitchen color trends in 2023, but we don’t see its popularity waning. After all, green adds an element of calmness and serenity that can be hard to come by in our busy, digital worlds.

5. Cantata White Quartz

Cantata white quartz offers the perfect blend of understated charm and neutrality. Its polished finish, detailed short and long veins in a sophisticated gray hue, and soft white tone-on-tone background beautify any interior. If a white countertop with subtle patterning calls to you, check out Cantata.

6. Etude White Quartz

If you’re looking for a warm white countertop with traces of gold and gray to coordinate across a wide range of cabinets, fixtures, and finishes, Etude is an intelligent choice. Etude offers a warm, bright white surface with long, gray, and thin gold veins that crisscross the slab. The combination of subtle gold and gray patterns against a white background provides a distinguished look that adds the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen or bath design. Etude is sure to remain a classic choice for many years.

7. Cirrus White Quartz

White and gray are the most popular quartz colors, and the two hues combine perfectly in Viatera’s Cirrus white quartz. Subtle hints of gray invite you to take a closer look as they float across a cotton-white surface. Faint gray swirls and patterns transform this white countertop into a neutral palette that looks great with wood cabinets and cream, gray, and brown accents.

8. Quartet Gray Quartz

Quartet’s soft gray background and shaded gray accents blend harmoniously into many surroundings. Quartet is the perfect neutral gray for countertops, islands, and more. This gray quartz is subdued and sophisticated, ideal for classic, traditional, coastal, transitional, and other interior design styles.

9. Encore Gray Quartz

Encore gray quartz offers cool and warm tones to create a beautifully balanced palette. The cool, light gray surface pops with swirls of warm charcoal and white to create an exquisite pattern reminiscent of natural stone. The blend of warmth, coolness, and shades of gray and white make Encore an extremely versatile product. Let your imagination and creativity soar with Encore.

10. Shadow Gray Quartz

Shadow Gray is a neutral tone that provides a calming, stabilizing surface for many design scenarios. Shadow Gray offers a subtle foundation for urban, modern, and contemporary kitchens and baths. Functionality, sophistication, and simplicity are the hallmarks of this popular quartz color. Shadow Gray creates a serene look with all the high-design appeal and performance attributes you need for today’s busy kitchens and bathrooms.

11. Sonoro Brushed Gray Quartz

Resembling the textured look of concrete with all performance attributes of durable quartz, Sonoro Brushed gray quartz is ideal for industrial and urban designs. Rich and chic, Sonoro Brushed combines a mid-tone gray with delicate white veining and a brushed finish to create a surface that resonates with many modern styles.

12. Carbo Brushed Black Quartz

Black countertops make a dramatic and memorable statement. Carbo Brushed black quartz is a beautiful tinted black countertop inspired by natural soapstone. This black countertop material features long diagonal light gray veins that impart a soft texture to enhance any statement-making design.

Explore All these Quartz Countertops from LX Hausys

Find all the design inspiration you need with Viatera. In addition to the colors featured in this guide, we have many other choices and patterns available. Explore helpful tools, including inspiration galleries, case studies, trend reports, and a virtual showroom on our website. No matter your style or design goals, Viatera quartz offers low-maintenance, high-performance, and hygienic properties to transform and enhance the design and functionality of residential interiors.

Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, contact us with any questions or sample requests, and our team of quartz experts will gladly assist you.