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On 19–24 January 2015, LX Hausys will be presenting new products and ideas based on HIMACS acrylic stone at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, BAU, in Munich. Designed in collaboration with COAST OFFICE ARCHITECTURE in Stuttgart, the LX Hausys stand itself (Hall A2, Stand 235) will be transformed into the HIMACS experience, a space that uses its architecture and furniture design to show off the versatility of the material, from panel to form to room.

Two organic HIMACS waves rise out of the homogeneous white floor and transform the stand into a room-like space with a reception and lounge area. Two black reflective walls frame a corner of the exhibition space. The resulting reflection of one of the waves creates the illusion of a three-dimensional, round form. The reflective surfaces of the walls create a design landscape that transcends the room's boundaries.

The HIMACS waves are a demonstrative example of how the homogeneous solid surface material can be used to create three-dimensional, thermoplastic forms. In contrast to the rolling waves, the HIMACS reception counter and HIMACS lounge furniture play with angled geometrical shapes. Squares, rectangles, parallelograms and triangles emerge not just from the physical form of the furniture, but also from the colour concept, which extends white, grey, black and pink shapes beyond the individual edges of the furniture. As HIMACS can be processed without any visible grooves or joint lines, there are no limits to the smooth transition of form and colour.

This design flexibility, as well as the availability of a wide range of colours including translucent shades, combines with excellent material properties. HIMACS is durable, impact-proof, non-porous and easy to clean. The acrylic stone is especially suited to the design of public spaces and even entire façades, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

The LX Hausys team will be providing comprehensive information about HIMACS acrylic stone and its many possibilities at Bau 2015. In Germany, advice and information on material properties, colours, processing and delivery can be obtained from HIMACS sales partner Klöpfer Surfaces located in Neu-Ulm and Neustrelitz.


LX Hausys at BAU in Munich

19–24 January 2015

Hall A2, Stand 235

Location Munich, Germany
Architecture & Design COASToffice Architecture, Stuttgart in collaboration with Raumgestalten.TV, Berlin
Material used HIMACS