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HIMACS: Nomad Table & Chairs

Introducing Nomad Table by young designer Felix Smith, made with HIMACS Sapphire.

Felix Smith, who graduated from Northumbria University in 2017 with a degree in 3D Design has recently started using HIMACS in his designs. He has just completed an innovative portable table and bench set, using HIMACS in Lucent Sapphire.

Immediately after graduating, Smith found his ideal job at Raskl Design Studio in Newcastle, where there was a project for the Sunderland Fire Station, which required eleven module display cabinets. These needed to be robust enough to withstand day-to-day wear and tear, but also look attractive and be easy to manufacture in high volume. HIMACS fitted the bill perfectly.

“I love HIMACS because of its excellent finish.” Enthuses Smith, “Although it feels like stone it is manufactured in the same way as timber, but with less finishing processes making it more efficient for mass manufacture. This was an important consideration for this project.”

Having enjoyed working with the solid surface material, Smith was quick to employ it in his next project – a portable table and chair set.

“I saw its potential for an application in furniture due to the stability of HIMACS and the durability of the material. It is perfect for a table and bench surface which has to be capable of withstanding everyday scratches and all the accidents a busy life throws at us.” The Nomad Table and Chairs were made from HIMACS in Lucent Sapphire, but can be custom made in any shade. It has a painted beech solid wood frame.

Architecture & Design Felix Smith, UK
Material used HIMACS Sapphire (Lucent Range)
Fabrication Raskl Studio + Workshop
Photo Credit © Clare Bowes
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