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HIMACS is also an acoustic highlight: Introducing the Burmeister Audio Systems Diva

HIMACS is also an acoustic highlight: Introducing the Burmeister Audio Systems Diva

HIMACS solid surface is not just for looking and feeling - it is also for listening - to music in extraordinary quality. The new Burmeister Diva sound system is made of this modern solid surface material. The organically rounded, almost 1.5 m tall speaker sculptures are thermoformed, seamless and as a result, look like they are diecast. With no front and no back, they also do not have any visible cable connections. Diva is produced as an individual bespoke piece. Thanks to the great versatility of HIMACS, 40 different colours are possible.

As to the sound quality? The solid surface material permits very little to no vibrations of the housing. As a result, this top-class speaker system generates consistently neutral, unadulterated sound even at high or low volumes. HIMACS is perfectly suited to the special Burmeister technology: thanks to a cube-like, tapered body, the sound is distributed in a sphere-shaped 360° angle. A stereo pair creates a three-dimensional sound space. The core is formed of a carefully selected three-way speaker system and a specially developed diplexer with high-quality components. An innovative bass reflex system offers true deep-tone playback up to 25 Hz. Thus Diva offers an amazing acoustic and visual experience.


BAS Burmeister Audio Systems develop high-quality hi-fi speaker systems, as well as systems for professional event technology, and have fitted out numerous health and spa areas, hotel lobbies and suites. The owner Jens Burmeister designed Diva in cooperation with product design students at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. The aim was to create a work of art that could be integrated in any installation aesthetically and timelessly, in contrast to many other speaker systems. Naturally Burmeister also wanted to provide the high-performance sound customers have come to expect from the brand. The shape of the housing determines the dimensions of the individual speakers and the arrangement and harmonisation of the components. Exterior design and selection of the speakers go hand-in-hand. With Diva, ultimately the production of the extroverted shape became a challenge: the complex requirements for the housing material could not be sufficiently met by either wood or metal. Master joiner Andreas Kuhlmann who helped on the project should be given all credit for introducing HIMACS. The solid surface material offered Jens Burmeister finish and design options with the right high-quality appearance as well as the acoustic properties that he sought. With the acrylic stone, Burmeister Audio Systems was able to realise the ambitious concept now bearing the name Diva.



Components:                        Three-way speaker system with 8 inch bass subwoofer,
                                                  5 inch midwoofer and 25 mm tweeter.

Sound emission:                  Omnidirectional, 360° sphere-shaped

Average sound pressure: 92 dB

Frequency range:                25 Hz (-3 dB) – 30000 Hz

Wattage rating:                     120 W (RMS)

Impedance:                            4 ohms

Height/diameter:                  1480 mm/518 mm

Weight:                                    36 kg per piece

Body:                                       HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone

Miscellaneous:                      Bespoke, bi-amping-capable, stainless steel stanchions 

Architecture & Design Raphael Singer, Jim M. Görtz, Jens Burmeister
Material used HIMACS
Fabrication Adolf Kuhlmann GmbH & Co.KG Einrichtungswerkstätten
Photo Credit Martin Eckert - Application Engineer BAS
Other Developer: Jens Burmeister & FH Potsdam - Manufacturer: BAS Burmeister Audio Systeme