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HIMACS in the open air

Minimal Art and Resistance of the New Generation Acrylic Stone

 The unique features of HIMACS material enable the creation of designer furniture in a variety of different colours and shapes. This new generation acrylic stone is not only used in furniture, but also in protective surfaces for facades and swimming pools as well as in lights and even sculptures. Make room for the summer of your dreams thanks to HIMACS!


The architect Karl Dreer equipped his home, located in the picturesque setting of Upper Bavaria, with this unique terrace. Here the floor, table, “Vondom” chairs and lounge area were built entirely in HIMACS acrylic stone, an innovative material that uniquely combines design, comfort and functionality.

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Furniture plays an important role and our terraces are dressing up in summer clothes. A perfect example is the FLOATER, the HIMACS (LX Hausys) deck chair designed by Manuel Kretzer (Responsive Design Studio).

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Made from HIMACS material and available in white, black & white, purple or multi-coloured, Stone creates the impression of being carved from a block of stone, yet keeps its visual lightness thanks to its hollow interior. 

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This former police station was transformed into a business office designed by Kletz, who carefully incorporated nature into its interior design. Kletz uses it to create cylindrical, rectangular, square and circular pots for all different types of trees: palm trees, ficus trees, etc.

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Spring is the opportune time for gardening and relaxation. Denis Margot uses HIMACS to create his unique designer stool-like grass boxes. 

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Once again, HIMACS solid surface lets the imagination run free and assists in the creation of remarkable furniture. 

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Jihlava School of Art in the Czech Republic is equipped with a fun set of HIMACS furniture used to introduce students to art. The chairs were designed by the architect Javoslav Huracek and made using 5 out of the 100 exclusive HIMACS colours: Banana, Orange, Lilac Haze, Lemon Squash and Fiery Red. 

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Download pictures here!

Photo Credit Melanie Gotschke