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Tzero Table: The new HIMACS tables with green credentials

Tzero Table: The new HIMACS tables with green credentials

Franco Eccel presents “Tzero Table – Made from HIMACS”, a wide range of tables, coffee tables, kitchen work surfaces and items for the bathroom made from HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone, and which are fully customisable in terms of size and shape.

The most notable feature of Tzero tables is their green credentials. They are created from offcuts and surplus materials taken from the sites of major architectural projects, and which are then given a second life in the form of highly unique and individual pieces, with a clear craft-based approach incorporating art and design features. Of special note is the ‘fragmented’ pattern, its origin and the underlying concept of the project, as well as the adhesives in contrasting colours, which, in the manner of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, clearly highlight the fractures between the individual elements and their joints.

In yellow, orange and blue, as well as red, white, grey and black, the HIMACS pieces, assembled like Lego® in a logical/geometric design, breathe life into tops and surfaces using an array of harmoniously balanced colours. These deliberately discordant elements are supported by aesthetically clean and minimalist bases available in beech, chrome or satin metal finish, or white or black varnish.

Thanks to the highly resistant nature of HIMACS, Tzero tables may be used either outside or in contract work. Acrylic stone is in fact highly resistant to bad weather, fire, impact and scratches, and due to the lack of pores on the surface of the material, dirt, moisture, mould and bacteria cannot gain a foothold.

This innovative, eco-friendly and customisable finish offers opportunities for the solid surfaces industry and for the most highly creative interior design projects. 

Architecture & Design Franco Eccel
Material used HIMACS, Alpine White, Banana, Concrete Grey, Fiery Red, Deep Indigo, Orange, Sapphire
Photo Credit Franco Eccel
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