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HIMACS for the palatial Cool Blue Villa in Marbella

HIMACS for the palatial Cool Blue Villa in Marbella

The Dutch architectural firm 123DV was hired to complete this impressive family home located on Spain’s Costa del Sol. The kitchen, which is connected to the natural environment with sweeping views of the pool, boasts an impressive central island in a geometric design, made of HIMACS.


Cool Blue, designed by the architectural firm 123DV, is both a luxury refuge where its residents can connect with the Mediterranean and a spectacular modern villa spanning 620 square meters. 

The owners wanted a home with close ties to the sea which would fit into the Mediterranean landscape, a challenge that 123DV met by installing wide glass walls and an impressive water channel running through both stories of the house. 


The interior is dominated by a modern aesthetic, prominently featuring the colour white in its furniture and its walls, to amplify its brightness and spaciousness. The use of wood on certain backlit walls contrasts with the white, as do the stairs in the hallway, where the interior designers chose a coffee tone to add warmth to the space. 

In the kitchen, the central island reigns supreme, crafted out of HIMACS by the Dutch expert Culimaat. The dimensions and geometric shape emphasize the modern, luxurious aesthetic of the home. “The main point of attraction is undeniably the kitchen island, made of HIMACS, a robust, premium material. Its triangular shape transforms it into the perfect link between the wall and the glass façade,” explains 123DV.


With a sink and a ceramic stovetop seamlessly embedded in its structure, this kitchen island is the ideal combination of design and convenience, with a variety of concealed storage options. Likewise, the wood cladding on the walls features built-in appliances, improving the flow in the room and enhancing the sense of space. Those walls extend into the other rooms, and even into the basement, providing continuity to the home’s interior. 


HIMACS solid surface, manufactured and installed by the Dutch expert Culimaat, was the ideal choice for this space, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety with an incomparable look. Because the kitchen is an area where food is handled and where hygiene is paramount, the seamless surfaces of HIMACS prevent the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria, it is also impervious to water and chemicals, heat resistant and very durable.


The island’s design, formed of geometric lines, is in perfect harmony with the layout of the kitchen, creating a room whose spaciousness catches the eye. Features like the sink and the ceramic hob are flawlessly embedded in the central structure, in keeping with the clean, minimalist aesthetic pursued by 123DV in this project. In addition, the use of glass walls brings unprecedented natural light into the space and connects it to the natural environment surrounding the villa.  


This home was designed for the maximum convenience of its residents: all of its technical devices can be operated by smartphones or tablets. This includes the lamps on the façade, which shine through vertical slits, producing a warm, welcoming feeling.

The unquestionable star of the show outside is the large swimming pool with transparent corners that blends perfectly with the Mediterranean character of this amazing villa. 

Location Marbella, Spain
Architecture & Design 123DV
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Culimaat
Photo Credit René van Dongen
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