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HIMACS presents the “Tulip” lamp by Pierre Cabrera

HIMACS presents the “Tulip” lamp designed by Pierre Cabrera

Like a graceful, fine and timeless flower of light, this HIMACS tulip-shaped lamp enhances emotion, technology and high-end materials. 

  The beauty and grace of the tulip have made this flower a symbol of sincere and powerful love. The English word “tulip” stems from Ottoman Turkish, meaning “muslin, gauze,” and also “turban.” This flower inspired Pierre Cabrera to create, ‘Tulip’ with the ultimate aim of offering a warm and intimate atmosphere through soft and indirect lighting.    For designer Pierre Cabrera, HIMACS proved to be the ideal material to create his project while respecting its essence. “I was looking for harmony between material and light. HIMACS delivers the desired aesthetic appearance and offers a sensitive and soft diffusion of light. For me, HIMACS is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Thermoforming properties offer unlimited possibilities for spatial and sculptural transformation and multiple finishes. Essential assets to accompany me in my creative process."   The perfect harmony between craftsmanship and High-tech   'Tulip' subtly combines complexity and simplicity, craftsmanship and industrial production. Starting off as a sketch, 'Tulip' was then made in paper in order to find the right balance of its curves. Once the prototype was completed, Pierre Cabrera designed his own special tool so that the ellipsoidal HIMACS thermoformed ribbon could intertwine to produce smooth, flowing and almost sensual shapes. Each lamp is designed by a laser and comes in different sizes:  Tulip’20, ‘Tulip’30, ‘Tulip’40, ‘Tulip’50 and ‘Tulip’60 for large spaces. Combining creativity, craftsmanship and innovative materials, 'Tulip' incorporates the latest generation of Beneito & Faure LEDs for the 'Tulip'20, 'Tulip'30 and 'Tulip'40 models. The last two models can also be used as wall lamps. The 'Tulip'50 and ‘Tulip'60 models also feature a connected high-tech lighting system and a Bluetooth gesture-controlled switch / dimmer, which can be controlled by smartphone and tablet to create mood lighting.   

Architecture & Design Pierre Cabrera
Material used HIMACS Alpine White 3 mm and 6 mm
Fabrication Pierre Cabrera
Photo Credit ©Franck Foucha – Xavier Muyar
Other Supplier : Plan Acryl
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