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HIMACS: The return of the iconic Tulip lamp, with an elegant new pendant version

The return of the iconic Tulip lamp, with an elegant new pendant version

After the success of the original lamp, and in response to the latest trends, creator Pierre Cabrera expanded his Tulip family with a new format pendant version. Available in two sizes and styles, one of them surprisingly adorned with leather, the remarkable design of the Tulip is made possible by using HIMACS natural acrylic stone, inspired by the grace and beauty of the flower that gave the lamp its name. The French designer wanted to establish harmony between the materials and the light, in order to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

In the words of Pierre Cabrera, “this lamp is in line with the desired aesthetics, while diffusing light gently and delicately through any room. The thermoformability of the HIMACS material opens up unlimited possibilities for spatial and sculptural transformation, as well as a wide variety of finishes. All of these benefits assisted me throughout the creative process and are a source of daily inspiration.” In this new pendant version, the material’s translucency ensures remarkable light diffusion downward from the lamp, filling the room with a soft, gentle ambience.

A combination of materials pushing the limits of craftsmanship

Over and above the graceful aesthetics of the new pendant Tulip, its timelessly elegant flower of light is a meeting point for two worlds that complement and elevate each other: crafts and high-end industrial materials.

Every Tulip lamp is hand-made, making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. Available in two sizes, Tulip30 and Tulip40, they also use the latest generation of LED lighting to fashion a gentle, delicate atmosphere and, for the first time, feature a combination of materials that marks a new twist for the company.

This new collaboration between designer Pierre Cabrera and leather goods designer Amalvi Pimenta on the pendant Tulip collection is the story of a friendship that developed when two craftspeople and their worlds collided. Embellishing the Tulips with the nobility of a natural, warm, unique living material like leather was the perfect combination!

For this project, Amalvi Pimenta chose a leather with a great deal of character and qualities that were perfectly aligned with those of HIMACS, a material with a unique feel and perfect finish that can withstand the test of time. As a result, Amalvi opted for “full-grain, mineral-tanned aniline leather from young bulls. Its natural grain, suppleness, smoothness, unique silky feel, resistance to daily wear and wonderful nuances make this leather truly remarkable and rare.”

Architecture & Design Pierre Cabrera, France
Material used Available in pure HIMACS or HIMACS combined with leather - HIMACS Alpine White S028
Photo Credit ® Pierre Cabrera
Other HIMACS supplier: PlanAcryl
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