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A captivating HIMACS reception desk for AOK offices

A captivating HIMACS reception desk design with ‘wow’ effect for AOK offices

As one of Germany’s largest healthcare insurers, AOK need to project a professional yet welcoming approach in their reception area. As a result they called in a cooperative group of carpenters – Bezold GmbH & Co. KG,  Bodenschlägel GmbH & Co. KG, and Bert Lenz Möbelmanufaktur GmbH to construct this imposing desk, made from the solid surface material HIMACS.

It has to be easy to clean, hygienic, long-lasting while still eye-catching and imposing. The reception desk is a real feature in the huge, bright ground floor area. Measuring eight metres long, its organic shape makes optimal use of the spacious room. The design uses sleek, flowing lines to achieve a ‘wow’ effect.

Setting accents that can be shaped and moulded

This design called for a material with an elegant finish that could be joined seamlessly. The solution: HIMACS solid surface material. A creative designer can turn a good idea into a brilliant plan that impresses clients, but it is the material that determines whether the design can be made into a reality. The solid surface material is perfect for extraordinary designs, in this case, the fact that the material could be shaped and moulded was the deciding factor. The shaping process, which is known as thermoforming, allows HIMACS to be moulded into virtually any form.

A truly unique front desk

Constructing the desk required a combination of high professional skill, lots of experience working with solid surface material and a passion for detail. The carpenters executed this remarkable project together. Bezold, based in Bayreuth in Bavaria, is a solid surface material expert specialising in unique pieces of furniture. With almost 70 years of experience, the company has a number of extraordinary interior design projects in its portfolio with detailed craftsmanship like this futuristic front desk. A veneer plywood frame forms the foundation of the desk. The solid surface material cladding had to fit together perfectly into a three-dimensional shape, crafted at all levels such that the final result looked as if it were a single, huge workpiece – flawless and seamless.

The projecting extension of the countertop is a highlight of the design, it easily accommodates four employees working with two screens each. Despite measuring eight metres, the front desk looks light and sleek, achieved by setting the HIMACS substructure back slightly from the front edge, drawing the eye to the organic, seemingly suspended front element. LED lighting along the intermediate space between the substructure and the front element adds an additional accent to the detailed craftsmanship. A shelf made of satined glass runs along three quarters of the front element, with lighting along the back edge that gives it an especially sophisticated look. Elegant contours and soft shapes characterise the overall design. The front element, substructure and countertop are all from one material, creating a continuous, puristic unit with uniform radiance.

Location Nuremberg, Germany / AOK reception desk
Architecture & Design Aura GmbH
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Bezold GmbH & Co. KG, Bodenschlägel GmbH & Co. KG, Bert Lenz Möbelmanufaktur GmbH
Photo Credit Ralf Munker
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