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The interior of a bike & coffee shop featuring HIMACS

Luxury down to the last detail: The interior of a bike & coffee shop featuring HIMACS

Located in a renovated building dating from the late 19th century, the L27 bike and coffee shop boasts remarkable aesthetics that draw the gaze of every passer-by and customer. From outside, people can catch a glimpse of how the boutique’s interior radiates light and luxury thanks to the high-quality materials and finishes it employs, like HIMACS. Inside, various pieces are made of HIMACS solid surface, in the popular Alpine White colour.


When the firm P6PA+Architects was hired to design the interior of a luxury bicycle shop, the architects imagined a space with a cool, minimalist appearance. Their plan made the most of the structure of the original hallway, imbuing it with a luxury aesthetic. This aligned perfectly with the values of the Czech company L27, whose bicycles have been honoured by being ridden in major tours, including the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, alongside other renowned brands such as Colnago, Pinarello and De Rosa.


The architectural firm coordinated all the colours to revolve around white – which is why Alpine White was chosen from the HIMACS collection – and gold. This combination of colours not only projects the luxurious, premium essence of the space, but it also stands out in sharp contrast to the dark colours of the bicycles hanging from the walls along the hallway.



Customers enter the showroom through a glass wall featuring the neon L27 logo made of HIMACS. Once inside, they find themselves walking on a floor treated with white epoxy paint, surrounded by walls bedecked in the same hue. To add a touch of colour and a nod to the shop’s merchandise, many golden tubes made of brass, reminiscent of the tyre tread on a bicycle, seem to burst out of the ceiling.


Visitors are then led through another glass wall into the main part of the boutique, dedicated to receiving customers, where they are greeted by a multipurpose counter built out of HIMACS, likewise designed to match the minimalism and strength of the rest of the boutique. Behind this area, where the building’s old inner courtyard was once located, there is a small open-plan kitchen with large picture windows and cabinets topped with a HIMACS worktop again in Alpine White


With this project, HIMACS has shown not only its outstanding visual qualities but also the possibilities offered by its premium characteristics and qualities when it comes to designing different spaces within the same property. For this bicycle shop, the architects decided to use the solid surface to create a counter that would add a sense of strength to the space where customers are greeted and assisted. This required a durable material, capable of remaining flawless even with continuous high-traffic… a material like HIMACS. 


In addition, the use of that material in the kitchen demonstrates its excellent hygienic properties, since the non-porous surface of HIMACS prevents the spread of bacteria and is quick and easy to clean and maintain. 


Location L27-Bicicletta & Caffè, Prague, Czech Republic
Architecture & Design P6PA+Architects, s.r.o - Martin Klejna, Julio Costa and Karel Koutský
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Dinak, spol s.r.o.
Photo Credit © Robert Žákovič
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